måndag 4 oktober 2010

Updates and news


During the summer and early autumn it has been all quiet on the East German front, so to speak. It has been a while since there were any major updates in the DDR section. But that´s about to change.

Today we recieved one of the awaited DDR sendings, and there are three more packages to come. Overall we are awaiting over 30 kilograms of DDR uniforms, headgear and memorabilia. A lot of peaople has been waiting for more DDR items, so here is a sneak peak on a few items from the first sending! :)
The DDR section will be updated during this week.

Another section that has been updated quite a lot the recent days is the German WW1/WW2 awards section!
At the moment there are several new Wound Badges on the website, some of them cased. There is also several EK´s and a beautiful example of the Luftwaffe Fliegerschützen badge, wich can be found here: http://www.greatmilitaria.com/product.asp?product=6332.

Last but not least! Right now there are several discounts on GreatMilitaria!
30% discount on all DDR (East German) awards.
30% discount on all books and DVD´s.
30% discount on all photos.

The discounts are valid until October 31th 2010, so make sure you order your desired objects as soon as possible!

Sincerely Erik
Product Manager

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