onsdag 8 september 2010

Abends ins Kino

When the East-Germans produced visor caps they filled the inside of the caps with sheets from newspapers before storing them, to protect them from damage. I have never payed any attention to these sheets of papers before, until yesterday. And it was truly interesting i must say! One of the best ways to learn more about a country is to read the newspapers! :)

This particular newspaper was printed on February 2nd 1988. The first thing i noticed was the Movie schedule! Or "Abends ins Kino" (Evening at the movies) as they said in the former DDR...
In cinema salon "Kosmos" they are showing the world-wide famous movie "The name of the Rose", starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater. Such west-produced movies was probably extremely popular. However, the East German government apperently had plenty of time to censor the movie, since it premiered 2 years after it was released in the West.

The car deal column also gives us some interesting reading! There is a lot to chose from, as long as you appreciate the Trabant or any of it´s Eastern Bloc cousins.
Out of the 36 cars for sale, i´m able to locate 11 Trabant 601. The rest of the cars are a mix of Wartburg, Lada, Skoda and a Moskwitsch 408. "Motor defect, otherwise in good condition. 300 D-Mark". As i´m glancing down the columns i realize that probably 50% of the cars for sale have some sort of serious defect. I have always wanted a Trabant, i just need to remeber to drive it carefully once i bought it!

Anyway, enough for today i think!
Here is a link to our Visor caps, remember that you might get a piece of East German everyday history as a bonus! :)

Sincerely Erik
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